Allergy Aware

We are Allergy Aware at Little Land.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe at Little Land so we have worked with Allergy Support Hub to be an Allergy Aware venue. While we cannot guarantee an allergen free space, we ask we ask all our patrons to be allergy aware by eating in the designated areas, washing and wiping hands and face after eating, and cleaning up spills and mess.

If your child has a food allergy, please let us know before your session so we can work with you to accommodate where possible. We will inform our patrons in our introduction and ask that they are extra careful if consuming the allergen.

With everyone’s help we can make Little Land a safe, inclusive and fun place for all children.

We ask that you are allergy aware by following these steps;

  1. Please eat food and drinks at the tables provided
  2. Please wipe hands and face after eating - if you need a few wipes, please let us know!
  3. Check around you, if there is a mess from food please give it a quick wipe or let the Play Coordinators know so we can ensure it is cleaned up
  4. Do not give food to other children without asking their parent/carer
  5. Inform us if someone is unwell or experiencing an allergic reaction

Thanks for helping to keep everyone safe and happy.

Currently there is no cure for food allergies, avoidance is the only way to prevent allergies.  If we all work together to be allergy aware, we can help keep kids with allergies safe and included.


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